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Canalytica’s consulting division was founded with the intention of helping companies navigate their regulatory landscape. Our team consists of a small group of talented professionals that have a diverse range of experience and talent.

We love what we do, and we do it with passion.

Photo of Mrs. Claire Stawnyczy

Claire Stawnyczy

Chief Executive Officer & Principal Consultant

Claire is an energetic and established pharmaceutical and quality assurance professional. Prior to co-founding Canalytica, her leadership role in cannabis licensed facilities was instrumental in achieving Health Canada compliance and EU-GMP certification. Claire’s background in pharmaceutical biotechnology, where she isolated and purified antibodies, contributes to her biological knowledge and success in scientific and quality assurance consulting.

Email me: claire@canalytica.ca

Giselle Barona

Senior Consultant & Lead Auditor

Giselle is a pioneer in the cannabis industry, joining before cannabis legalization in 2018, and has witnessed the evolving regulatory framework firsthand. Since 2013, she’s overseen Quality Systems from both GMP and GPP regulated industries, including cannabis and food manufacturing. Giselle is one of our Senior Consultants and is a Lead Auditor for ISO:9001 Quality Management Systems.

Email me: giselle@canalytica.ca

Photo of Mr. Evan Stawnyczy

Evan Stawnyczy

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Evan has led several teams in multiple capacities for both the financial and technical sectors and in both enterprise and lean startups. Industry recognized for incepting and leading a team of security engineers charged with securing one of the most innovative and technically challenging financial service networks. Evan is famous for co-creating one of the very first embedded linux systems used in automation. Evan provides a unique recipe of technical knowledge and foundational leadership.  

Email me: evan@canalytica.ca

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Canalytica.  The heart of our business is yours.
The heart of our business is yours.

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